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How much does a celebrant cost?

I am going to use the analogy of surfing!

Let’s say you bought a cool surfboard. Then you decide that you’re going to master the waves! The enthusiasm is there; you have the wetsuit, the board, and the attitude – but do you have the skill, the natural talent, and the drive to make you one of the best?

  I know one thing for certain. When I go down to the beach with my glass of wine and cheese platter to perve on the hot surfers, the ones who hold my attention are the pros.  Those guys and girls who live and breathe surfing. They get up every morning, rain hail or shine, and they throw themselves into that passionate sport -day after day. They leave with huge grins on their faces, motivation to conquer the world, and a pleasant satisfaction that they have nailed it.

Before you ask, no I do not surf! Well, someone has to hold the towels and carry the wine…

However being a celebrant goes along these lines somewhat.

Have you been to some weddings and noticed the celebrant at all? If they were a bit beige or didn’t make an impression on you, then in my opinion they did not do the job. Did they highlight the bride & groom and really reflect their personalities during the ceremony? Did they wear appropriate clothes or did they show up in last years racing out fit with a giant hat? Was it all about THEM? 

You see, all celebrants had the same training. We all have a decent surfboard and a wetsuit. But it is what we do with those tools that really matters.

If you want to go surfing three times a year, it’s fair to say that you won’t be very good. But if you get in the water once or twice a week, it becomes second nature… A passion that a gives you more and more energy. 

So, to our original question… How much does a celebrant cost?

It’s fair to say that, just like every career, including your own, you get what you pay for and you earn what you deserve.  So really, the choice is yours.  

Some celebrants are charging around $1200. They are brilliant at what they do, they have national aclaim, real charisma, and media presence (that’s the clincher!). 

There are quite a few celebrants around the $450 mark. They have charged $450 since 1982 and have continued to do so. They seem to be a little bit lost with the concept of time. In saying that, some are very very good and I hold them in high regard because this is a hobby that they love and cherish.

I stumbled across a website earlier with a pricetag of $285. This leaves me very confused as simple expenses come to much, much more than that. She must really really really love her job to the point of picking up expenses rather than the revenue.
But what about you, the bride and groom? How much should you realistically fork out to ensure a really cool ceremony that will make your guests go ‘wow’?

The average cost of a wedding in Australia at the moment is $35,000. Most of that is spent on the reception. However, it will be your vows that you will remember for the rest of your life so those moments during the ceremony are actually the most important thing.

My advice is to look at the budget guide in any of your wedding magazines, and take the celebrant budget suggested, and double it!  If you budget between $800 and $1000, you are winning. 

Ah ha, wait! I know what you’re thinking… “but all you do is stand up and talk for 20 minutes!”.

Sorry smartie pants but you are wrong!  I love ceremonies. They are certainly the favourite part of my job. But behind-the-scenes, we do paperwork, liaise with government, write scripts, help with vows, drive, meet with you, email with you, talk with you on the phone, share ideas, research poems and readings, we look at music, work on our skills of public speaking, navigate PA systems, network with others in the industry so that each gig goes smoothly. And that’s before we even start marketing ourselves so that you find us in the first place!

So perhaps I should change the title of this article from ‘how much does a celebrant cost’, to ‘what is the price you will pay should you not make a decent investment?’.

When you choose your celebrant, yes of course money will be a factor, but the most important thing to remember is that you will not only be standing with them for 20 minutes on the day, but you will be working with them closely during the planning stage.

In short, choose a celebrant who speaks your language and whom you like… Who goes surfing every week, knows how to dodge the Sharks and catches a wave every single time (usually with a wine in one hand and a mcrophone in the other).
Good luck

Michelle Anderson, civil celebrant

Gold Coast, Brisbane, at Byron Bay, and beyond.

Exclusively uniting the coolest couples in the world.



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Chinese Aussie Weddings – Western style weddings for Chinese couples in love.

header 2

Michelle Anderson is a young, fun, popular Civil Marriage Celebrant in South East Queensland.

Greg Pope is a fluent speaker of mandarin and specialist in International Business Relations.

Together, they create memorable Wedding Ceremonies specifically designed for Chinese couples and couples of mixed background.  Ceremonies that are really cool, in English, Chinese AND particularly in the language of Love!

photo 2 (2)a

It’s simple to get married on the Gold Coast:

1. Call, email or have your immigration lawyer contact Michelle.

2. You will need to fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage no less than one month and one day before you can get married.

3. For this, you need to meet with Michelle with your birth certificates / passports (and relevant divorce papers) that have been translated into English.

4. Michelle will write any additional letters required for the immigration or visa process.Darlene Shaun 20 Dec 2014 5

5. They will help you to find a wedding venue and fill in any paperwork required to book it.

6. Greg and Michelle, two white Australian public speakers, will write a personalised script for you and deliver it at your ceremony in ENGLISH and in MANDARIN 普通话 with a positive vibe and a fun twist!

Call Michelle today 今天给我打电话 on 0400 207 913 or email michelle@idocelebrant.com.


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Ode by thy Celebrant

I’ve not saved the world
And I won’t sail rough seas
My plight is much simpler
My aim is to please.

Love is a notion
So rare yet so true
It’s a binding commitment
Needs a voice that’s brand new.

Those voices before me
Are crusty and old
I bring to the realm
Energy of pure gold.

“Let’s marry!” They say
And we all cheer with glee
For it means a rad party
Let’s all agree!

But before the champers
And the first awkward dance
There is a little spiel
And for this bit I prance.

A celebrant is needed
For paperwork and such
And this is the part
Where I give a huge punch!

Michell e brant celebrant
(The kids love the pun)
Is at your service
So let’s have some fun.


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What they say – Testimonials from my Newlyweds!

Sometimes I look back and feel so grateful to play the role that I do in the lives of Brides and Grooms.  I have met some colourful characters over the years.  They have invited me into their homes and shared their feelings and personal stories over a cup of tea (or a wine) and allowed me to craft a ceremony that reflects their personalities to present to their nearest and dearest.

Here is a collection of what those wonderful couples have had to say…


Michelle did our ceremony exactly how we asked her to. The whole ceremony was perfect and we have nothing we would have changed. Michelle was very professional, pleasant and happy. She listened to everything we wanted and suggested new ideas for us to consider. We are totally happy with the ceremony Michelle gave us and thank her from the bottom of our hearts. THANKYOU MICHELLE! XXX – Peter & Marcia Ghiggioli


My husband and I were recently married by Michelle Anderson Celebrant and were both so very happy with our ceremony. Michelle put together a ceremony that was perfect in my eyes – it contained some humor, beautiful words and phrases that suited us to a tee. It was just the right length and didn’t drag on. Michelle brings a young, fresh vibe to her ceremonies too. I will certainly recommend Michelle to anyone who needs a celebrant. Thank you Michelle for being a part of our special day. Jodie & Scott xx


“Hi Michelle,
Thank you so much for our beautiful wedding ceremony. Everyone mentioned how they loved the words you used, and how short and sweet the whole thing was! It was such a perfect day and everything went off without a hitch!
Alice and Cameron”

We were so happy we chose you as our celebrant, and so grateful you were more than willing to embrace the not so traditional aspect of our ceremony! Thank you – Stacey and Darcy Mouat

Thank you soo much for being our celebrant. You were awesome, fun, bubbly, funny, everything plus more! – Toni-Marie

We were very grateful for Michelle’s services. Very professional, personal and kind. Chris and I were SUPER impressed with the unique ceremony Michelle delivered. Our family and friends were very touched too.  – Chelsea Rolfe

Thanks to you our ceremony was perfect, we would recommend any of friends and family members that need your service. – Travis Clark

Michelle was awesome and made our ceremony truly memorable!  Could not have asked for a better celebrant. – Laurenne Eising

Michelle was fantastic and did a wonderful job. – Amanda Irvine

Michelle was a complete professional, keep doing what you are doing Michelle. – Karen Kruisdyk

“Dear Michelle, Thank you for making Annabella & Memphis’s Naming Ceremony a wonderful experience. It was perfect and was exactly what we wanted. We will be telling all our friends about your helpful and excellent service and once again thank you for making the naming day ceremony a unique and special one.
Thank you again for everything you did for us, both on the day and leading up to it. We were certain we chose the right celebrant to do the ceremony and you proved us right! Everyone that came was very impressed and so were we.”
Many thanks Tammy & Scott Willmott

“Annabelle’s naming ceremony was so beautiful. You welcomed the Godparents perfectly and we all felt a real sense of bond and togetherness that day.  I will recommend you to everyone Michell é brant!”

Beck Mayer


“Hi Michelle, Cam and I wanted to thank you for yesterday. We didn’t get to see you before you left and just wanted to say that you did a wonderful job and made our ceremony so special  Kirstin and Cameron”


“Hi Michelle just a short word to say thank you again ,we were both so pleased on how our day went and what you did to make it so, it was just the best so again thank you, regards Bryan and Pat.”


Baby Naming: Would like to say a big thank you to those that made an effort to help celebrate Brodie’s naming day and 1st Birthday Today! It was lovely weather and Brodie had a ball & is now out like a light. A big thank you to the Parentals for travelling from NSW to QLD. A big thank you to his godparents for accepting to be his godparents & a big thank you to his godmother Sarahfor writing a beautiful reading!
A big thank you to Eloise & Raymond for their reading. And last but not least a massive big thank you to Michelle for conducting such a beautiful ceremony for us  xxxx


“Michelle was very easy to deal with and fitted in with our wedding ideas perfectly. She has a great sense of humour and really loves her job which makes her engaging. The paperwork aspects were dealt with very efficiently, and we would recommend her services”
Thanks Joan!


“Hi Michelle,
Belinda & I would like to thank you for the service last Sunday at Evans Head.
Everyone that attended thoroughly enjoyed the relaxed nature of the service, for which you deserve hearty congratulations.
Thanks again, and best wishes for the future. Regards, Darren & Belinda Walker”


Thank you Michelle for a fabulous ceremony. It was a beautiful day. We appreciate everything that you did to make our day special. Mr & Mrs Kirk

Jackie and John Kirk


A really sweet note from Andrew and Katie:
“Dear Michelle
Katie and I would just like to say thank you so much for all your assistance and your fantastic efforts shown on Sunday. It went exactly as we had always envisaged.
It was fantastic that you were able to share in that special moment for us, and we will always be so thankful to you for making it so perfect.”


Thank you for making our day so special.

So glad that I found you, you did an amazing job and made our wedding ceremony perfect, unique and just the way we wanted!

Much love

Adele & Lee Reilly

Just a great big thank you 🙂  – Kerrie Brown

She was a gem, any couple would be lucky to have her. – Dale Knott

Thank you for the professional yet very friendly service, I would definitely recommend you to anyone. 🙂 – Donna Knight

“Michelle has such a beautiful personality and a winning smile which put everyone at ease right from the beginning.  I always knew she would be terrific, what a day!”

Chris Edwards and Ally Bryant

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Dates that Michelle is booked from November 2014 onwards

This information is correct as at 1/11/2014.

Check it out and see if I am available on your Wedding day!

If you see a clash of dates but the timing is different, get in touch and we can have a chat anyway.

1-Nov-14 Saturday 3.30pm Kingscliffe Beach Bowls Club (Beach)
7-Nov-14 Friday 3.30pm Bris – Stamford Plaza
8-Nov-14 Saturday 3pm Cloudland, Brisbane
15-Nov-14 Saturday 4pm North Burleigh Beach
22-Nov-14 Saturday All day GC
30-Nov-14 Sunday 3pm Portside
20-Dec-14 SAturday 4pm for 4.30pm Brisbane – Moda
22-Dec-14 Monday afternoon Spicers New Farm
31-Dec-14 Wednesday 3.30pm Sandgate Beach
31-Dec-14 Wednesday 5.50pm Brisbane CBD TBA
30-Jan-15 Saturday arvo TBC Broadbeach
14-Feb-15 Saturday arvo TBC Southport Surf Club
21-Feb-15 Saturday ALL DAY for 3pm Tweed – Summergrove Estate
26-Feb-15 Thursday 4-5pm Tweed Heads
7-Mar-15 Saturday 4 or 5pm GC Broadwater Parklands
14-Mar-15 Saturday 4pm TBC Tweed Heads – grass by Alvation Church
28-Mar-15 Saturday 2pm Noosa
10-Apr-15 Friday 2/2.30pm GC – Froggy Beach
11-Apr-15 Saturday 3pm Mudgeeraba
18-Apr-15 Saturday 2.30pm start Sactuary Cove chapel
9-May-15 Sunday 2.30pm Bris CBD – TBC
6-Jun-15 Saturday 2.30pm Casuarina – Mantra on SALT
18-Jul-15 Saturday 3pm Samford (Eaton’s crossing road)
8-Aug-15 Saturday 3pm Surfers – Marriot
5-Sep-15 Saturday 2.30pm Laidley – Homestead (Wedding Paviillion)
4-Oct-15 Sunday 1pm Bris – Broadway Chapel
16-Oct-15 Friday 3pm GC – Parkwood International
29-Feb-16 Monday Afternoon Tweed Coast
15-Oct-16 Saturday 4pm
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Press Release from John O’Meara of the ABIA



One of Queensland’s finest wedding suppliers, Michell e brant Celebrant was honoured at the 16th Queensland Annual Bridal Industry Awards on Tuesday the 22nd of July 2014. The Chairman of the ABIA, Mr John O’ Meara congratulated Michell e brant Celebrant on her achievement as a finalist in her category.

Mr O’ Meara said that Michell e brant Celebrant should be extremely proud of the achievement considering that each celebrant must receive a customer satisfaction of at least 98%.  Her result was 99.55%.

Mr O’ Meara went onto say that it was business’s like Michell e brant Celebrant which complimented and elevated the wedding industry with their attention to detail and the pride, passion and professional manner in which they delivered their wedding product to the bridal customer.

The Abia’s are a much sought-after Award for Australian wedding suppliers as they are determined by the votes of past brides. Each year over 30,000 brides are registered to vote for their most outstanding wedding suppliers. Michell e brant Celebrant was nominated for an ABIA based on the quality of product, quality of service, value for money and the attitude of the staff who serviced the bride’s needs, before, during and after their wedding day.
A total of 35 wedding categories were represented at the Awards including, Limousine Hire, Marriage Celebrants, Wedding Cake Designers, Decorators, Photographers, Disc Jockeys, Video Producers, Make-Up Artists, Reception Centres, Wedding Florists, Wedding Stationery and Special Wedding Services. A total 273 Finalists competed for the 35 different wedding categories which were awarded on the night.

The attendees received an opening address from the Chairman of the ABIA, Mr John O’ Meara who congratulated the Finalists on their achievement. Mr O’ Meara said that the wedding supplier was unique; as they had just one unrepeatable day to deliver excellence in their products and services. O’ Meara went on to say that the quality of the work reflected in the newlywed’s votes was something that each and every one of the attendees could be proud of.

For more information on the Australian Bridal Industry Academy visit www.abia.com.au

For more information about Michelle, visit http://idocelebrant.com/

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Check it out… ABIA’s Bride-to-Be Competition is on!


The prizes are simply overwhelming!
Click here to enter

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It is a sad day for Gay Marriage Rites today :(

two_rings175Although expected to a degree, it’s still hard to face the harsh reality of our times.  A time when the “leaders” of our land do not listen to their so called democratic society.  In the brief time I had as Authorised Same Sex Marriage Celebrant, I would like to thank all of those who shared the optimism.  May there be better days ahead for gay rites, the symblism of marriage and the wedding industry as a whole.

On a brighter note, I don’t see why this stops anyone from celebrating LOVE!  I’m about to do several Same Sex Commitment Ceremonies and they are going to be a BLAST. 


THE High Court has unanimously struck down the ACT’s gay marriage laws.

The decision will mean that about two dozen week-old marriages have no legal effect.

The ACT Marriage Equality (Same Sex) laws passed the territory’s legislative assembly in October, but only came into effect last month and couples were required to provide four weeks’ notice before conducting wedding ceremonies.

As of today, about 20 couples have been married to date under the ACT’s laws, with the first ceremonies conducted on Saturday.

Had the nation’s top court upheld the ACT’s gay marriage legislation it would have opened the door to similar laws being passed across the country, pressuring the government to make it legal at a national level.

The commonwealth government sought an expedited hearing in the High Court arguing the national capital’s laws were inconsistent with federal legislation and unconstitutional.

Federal government lawyers argued in the High Court that the commonwealth marriage act was intended to ensure that state and territories did not operate as different countries when it came to determining whether a couple was married.

The High Court determined that the federal parliament has the power under the Australian constitution to legislate on same-sex marriage, and that whether or not same-sex marriages are legalised is a matter for the federal parliament.

“The Court held that the object of the ACT Act is to provide for marriage equality for same sex couples and not for some form of legally recognised relationship which is relevantly different from the relationship of marriage which federal law provides for and recognises,” the summary judgment said.

“Accordingly, the ACT Act cannot operate concurrently with the federal Act.”

It said because the ACT does not validly provide for the formation of same sex marriages, the whole of the ACT’s Marriage Equality (Same Sex) Act 2013 has no effect.

Supporters of gay marriage were dismayed at the ruling.

“This is devastating for those couples who married this week and for their families,” Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome said shortly after the decision was handed down in Canberra.

However, he said the ruling was just “a temporary defeat”.

Australian Marriage Equality spokesman Ivan Hinton was one person who took advantage of the ACT laws, marrying his partner Chris Teoh in Canberra last weekend.

“I don’t want to be unmarried this afternoon,” he told reporters outside the High Court.

The Australian Christian Lobby said the ruling upheld the uniformity of marriage laws across the country.

“Marriage between a man and a woman is good for society and beneficial for governments to uphold in legislation,” managing director Lyle Shelton said in a statement.

“It’s about providing a future for the next generation where they can be raised by their biological parents, wherever possible.” Mr Shelton was concerned for same-sex couples who thought they were married under the ACT legislation.

“Understandably they will be disappointed at the decision handed down today and it is unfortunate they were put in this position,” he said.

Human Rights Law Centre spokeswoman Anna Brown said the ruling was a blow to the same-sex couples who had tied the knot in the ACT.

“The outcome has laid responsibility for advancing marriage equality squarely at the feet of the federal parliament,” she said.

ACT Chief Minister Katy Gallagher said her government had no regrets about pursuing marriage equality.

“We have no apologies for pursuing what we said we would go before the election,” Ms Gallagher told the ABC before the judgment was handed down.

“We are supporting our Act, it was passed through our parliament, strongly supported by the community,” she said.

“We are anxious but I think we need the judgment before we decide what our next steps are, or if indeed we need to take any next steps.”

Ms Gallagher said the focus on same sex marriage over the last few months had “continued to push the debate forward” and give it momentum.

Additional reporting: AAP

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Now an Authorised Same-Sex Marriage Celebrant in the ACT!

commitment ceremonies_D3_8498aIn October, the  ACT Marriage Equality Same-Sex Bill was passed and the first Same Sex Marriages will be held as of the 7th December 2013 in the Australian Capital Territory.

Not just any old Celebrant can get in on the action – no sirs!  But I have managed to secure a place on the very exclusive “Marriage Equality Authorised Celebrant Register” – a place I am humbled to hold.

(For the purpose of this blog, I am going to ignore the possibility of the Bill being overturned and concentrate on HOW FREAKIN’ EXCITED I AM!!!)

I am one of only 90 Celebrants who are registered to perform ceremonies of this type.  Most of us are interstate celebrants and will obviously be required to fly into the ACT for the event.  But, for an occasion like this, I’d happily sail to the moon.

If you are a couple wanting to travel to the ACT and PARTY ON after an amazing and special ceremony, call me on 0400 207 913 or email michelle@idocelebrant.com to discuss the logistics.

Check out my website – http://idocelebrant.com/

If you believe in LOVE – are straight, single, married, divorced, bi, metro, or just plain fabulous on all accounts, perhaps you would like to vote for this Bill to stay in place… http://www.australianmarriageequality.com/wp/tag/petition/

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– For idocelebrant.com – By Nina Elliott-bu​llen   (ninaelliott06@gmail.com)

ImageLet’s be honest ladies, we’re not all going to be able to afford that million-dollar dream wedding we’ve been scrap booking since we were nine. But does that mean we have to skimp on fabulousness? Absolutely not! DIY crafts have made a roaring comeback this past decade and there are easy, creative and CHEAP ideas out there to make any wedding look and feel more wonderful, fancy and more meaningful than any of those magazine celeb weddings.


Be it mason, pickle, jam or anything jar, with the right decorations they can make any wedding ceremony and reception sparkle with glamour and sentimentality! To really save on the money with this one, you can call around your friends, colleagues and family for the empty jars in their cupboards before you go out and buy them! They can be used as general decorations, lighting decorations, table pieces, treat/stationary holders – Just to name a few, it’s up to you! It’s time to whip out your paper and sewing scrap box and get to work!

Here are some ideas for inspiration!


Flowered jars on the aisle-side chairs work especially well for outdoor ceremonies. They are a humble way of creating a welcoming and thematic atmosphere to the guests as they take their seats. It’s easy to dress the jars up or down with a bit of ribbon here and a bit of lace there – whatever look you want to go with, jars are so versatile with their look abilities!



Jars as hanging or candle lights can work for a wedding ceremony and reception no matter what location, but again, they really do work well for the outdoors. They are a perfect way to set the mood and tone, but can also show guests where to go in a romantically whimsical way!


These in particular are a perfect way to light up the ceremony area where you take your vowels, particularly if the ceremony is in a dark area or nearing dusk hours – just be sure you have enough light in the area so that your marriage celebrant can see what they are reading!


Jars as table decorations are a wonderful way to embellish your reception style using little cost and without looking tacky. And again, they become versatile here in their use, such as holding flowers, candles, treats and anything else you require!



The ideas for jars don’t just stop here, there’s an infinite amount of ideas on the internet that also include step by step methods to get the ideal look you want. Here are just SOME of the links to get you going:






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