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Tips for the Super Organised Bride- Pick them with a pic.

Some couples plan their big day one, or even two years ahead of time. This means that they meet with their suppliers (photographer, decor, venue manager and Celebrant) for a moment in time before the communication turns to phone and email.

You may end up meeting a few individuals from each category and, let’s face it, one’s memory can get a little hazy over time.

Turns out, lots can happen in a year! Take me for example. My hair has gone from black to white thanks to my gorgeous Sri Lankan ancestors, so when I’ve met my bride and groom closer to the big day, or on the day itself, I’ve had a few double takes and raised eyebrows. (I’m taking that as a compliment!)

For about five years I have been in the habit of taking photographs of my brides and grooms at our first meeting or asking them to send one for my file. This has been particularly handy for those who have booked far into the future. It solves the problem I had one weekend when I was to marry two Janes, but I couldn’t remember which one was the goth and which was the princess!

(Obvious once the bridal march began!)

This concept works both ways. If you are dealing with a large number of suppliers for a particularly complex wedding, it is a good idea to keep those faces fresh in your mind; it can be as simple as connecting on Facebook, instagram or linked in. Many venues change their event staff fairly regularly so if you have a change of Cordinator for your big day, just ask them to send through a pic as well. You’ll feel confident and in control on the day and your suppliers will connect with you far better on a professional and familiar level when you know the difference between the Videographer’s assistant and the celebrant.

Strangely enough, over my six years as a celebrant, the number of super organised brides has decreased and the number of relaxed, easygoing, flexible couples has increased. And that’s the way it should be. There is only one person you need to recognise on the day itself is, no, not me (although I do come in handy) your groom… then the ceremony will pan out perfectly.

Happy planning!

Michelle Anderson, Celebrant

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