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How much does a celebrant cost?

I am going to use the analogy of surfing!

Let’s say you bought a cool surfboard. Then you decide that you’re going to master the waves! The enthusiasm is there; you have the wetsuit, the board, and the attitude – but do you have the skill, the natural talent, and the drive to make you one of the best?

  I know one thing for certain. When I go down to the beach with my glass of wine and cheese platter to perve on the hot surfers, the ones who hold my attention are the pros.  Those guys and girls who live and breathe surfing. They get up every morning, rain hail or shine, and they throw themselves into that passionate sport -day after day. They leave with huge grins on their faces, motivation to conquer the world, and a pleasant satisfaction that they have nailed it.

Before you ask, no I do not surf! Well, someone has to hold the towels and carry the wine…

However being a celebrant goes along these lines somewhat.

Have you been to some weddings and noticed the celebrant at all? If they were a bit beige or didn’t make an impression on you, then in my opinion they did not do the job. Did they highlight the bride & groom and really reflect their personalities during the ceremony? Did they wear appropriate clothes or did they show up in last years racing out fit with a giant hat? Was it all about THEM? 

You see, all celebrants had the same training. We all have a decent surfboard and a wetsuit. But it is what we do with those tools that really matters.

If you want to go surfing three times a year, it’s fair to say that you won’t be very good. But if you get in the water once or twice a week, it becomes second nature… A passion that a gives you more and more energy. 

So, to our original question… How much does a celebrant cost?

It’s fair to say that, just like every career, including your own, you get what you pay for and you earn what you deserve.  So really, the choice is yours.  

Some celebrants are charging around $1200. They are brilliant at what they do, they have national aclaim, real charisma, and media presence (that’s the clincher!). 

There are quite a few celebrants around the $450 mark. They have charged $450 since 1982 and have continued to do so. They seem to be a little bit lost with the concept of time. In saying that, some are very very good and I hold them in high regard because this is a hobby that they love and cherish.

I stumbled across a website earlier with a pricetag of $285. This leaves me very confused as simple expenses come to much, much more than that. She must really really really love her job to the point of picking up expenses rather than the revenue.
But what about you, the bride and groom? How much should you realistically fork out to ensure a really cool ceremony that will make your guests go ‘wow’?

The average cost of a wedding in Australia at the moment is $35,000. Most of that is spent on the reception. However, it will be your vows that you will remember for the rest of your life so those moments during the ceremony are actually the most important thing.

My advice is to look at the budget guide in any of your wedding magazines, and take the celebrant budget suggested, and double it!  If you budget between $800 and $1000, you are winning. 

Ah ha, wait! I know what you’re thinking… “but all you do is stand up and talk for 20 minutes!”.

Sorry smartie pants but you are wrong!  I love ceremonies. They are certainly the favourite part of my job. But behind-the-scenes, we do paperwork, liaise with government, write scripts, help with vows, drive, meet with you, email with you, talk with you on the phone, share ideas, research poems and readings, we look at music, work on our skills of public speaking, navigate PA systems, network with others in the industry so that each gig goes smoothly. And that’s before we even start marketing ourselves so that you find us in the first place!

So perhaps I should change the title of this article from ‘how much does a celebrant cost’, to ‘what is the price you will pay should you not make a decent investment?’.

When you choose your celebrant, yes of course money will be a factor, but the most important thing to remember is that you will not only be standing with them for 20 minutes on the day, but you will be working with them closely during the planning stage.

In short, choose a celebrant who speaks your language and whom you like… Who goes surfing every week, knows how to dodge the Sharks and catches a wave every single time (usually with a wine in one hand and a mcrophone in the other).
Good luck

Michelle Anderson, civil celebrant

Gold Coast, Brisbane, at Byron Bay, and beyond.

Exclusively uniting the coolest couples in the world.



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