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Chinese Aussie Weddings – Western style weddings for Chinese couples in love.

on February 5, 2015

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Michelle Anderson is a young, fun, popular Civil Marriage Celebrant in South East Queensland.

Greg Pope is a fluent speaker of mandarin and specialist in International Business Relations.

Together, they create memorable Wedding Ceremonies specifically designed for Chinese couples and couples of mixed background.  Ceremonies that are really cool, in English, Chinese AND particularly in the language of Love!

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It’s simple to get married on the Gold Coast:

1. Call, email or have your immigration lawyer contact Michelle.

2. You will need to fill out a Notice of Intended Marriage no less than one month and one day before you can get married.

3. For this, you need to meet with Michelle with your birth certificates / passports (and relevant divorce papers) that have been translated into English.

4. Michelle will write any additional letters required for the immigration or visa process.Darlene Shaun 20 Dec 2014 5

5. They will help you to find a wedding venue and fill in any paperwork required to book it.

6. Greg and Michelle, two white Australian public speakers, will write a personalised script for you and deliver it at your ceremony in ENGLISH and in MANDARIN 普通话 with a positive vibe and a fun twist!

Call Michelle today 今天给我打电话 on 0400 207 913 or email michelle@idocelebrant.com.



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