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The scent of a bride…

by Winola Hsu for idocelebrant.com/

There are many elements that make up the gorgeous bride; wedding dress, veil, shoes, make up, hair and overall personality! But to truly exude beauty on your very own day, all of the senses should be tantalised – so be sure to consider your unique fragrance for the day.

Marilyn Monroe said in 1952 that she wore “five drops of Chanel No.5” and nothing else in bed.  It is not hard to image that as an invisible element, fragrance can add the crowning touch to a perfect woman, especially to a charming bride.

You surely want to WOW your Groom with looks but also impress him subconsciously (also, your Marriage Celebrant is going to love the scent too).

On the day of the wedding, a bride does not have to deliberately highlight herself with unusual fragrances. Stick to what you are most comfortable with, with a twist of charm. I recommend some perfumes for bridal-to-be.

If you are ‘sweet’ and ‘innocent’ girl, Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau can provide an expensive and luxurious flavour to truly add spark to your aura.


Miss Dior Cherie L’Eau

Perfume pyramid:

Top notes: Bitter Orange

Middle notes: Gardenia

Base notes: Musk

Vera Wang is always the top choice for bridal perfume. Vera is obviously famous for her dresses, but also her fragrances. They suit a shy and pure temperament. I recommend two kinds of perfume by Vera Wang, one is Vera Wang Sheer Veil and another is Vera Wang Truly Pink.


Vera Wang Sheer Veil

Perfume pyramid:

Top notes: Rose

Middle notes: Violet

Base notes: Gardenia, Lily

It is the most memorable moment for woman when a man asks “Will you marry me?” “YES! YES! YES!!!!” Obviously I have to recommend the Marry Me by Lavin to all brides. The design of the fragrance attracts a lovely and excitable woman who knows what she wants!


Marry Me by Lavin

Perfume pyramid:

Top notes: Freesia, Bitter Orange, Peach

Middle notes: Jasmine, Rose, Magnolia

Base notes: Musk, Virginia Cedar, Amber

Lastly, here are some tips for the bride-to-be.

  1. Use the same brand body lotion and cream with perfume as it can extend the fragrance time.
  2. It’s recommended to use perfume after your make up is complete – after 5 to 10 minutes.
  3. Don’t spray perfume on your wedding dress especially on light coloured cloth; it will result in stains on your beautiful wedding dress.

Overall – enjoy yourself with the confidence that the right scent can give you.  It really “finishes” your outfit.

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Testimonials from 2012 – Shamelessly patting myself on the back (hehehe)

Michelle did our ceremony exactly how we asked her to. The whole ceremony was perfect and we have nothing we would have changed. Michelle was very professional, pleasant and happy. She listened to everything we wanted and suggested new ideas for us to consider. We are totally happy with the ceremony Michelle gave us and thank her from the bottom of our hearts. THANKYOU MICHELLE! XXX – Peter & Marcia Ghiggioli

We were so happy we chose you as our celebrant, and so grateful you were more than willing to embrace the not so traditional aspect of our ceremony! Thank you – Stacey and Darcy Mouat

Thank you sooo much for being our celebrant. You were awesome, fun, bubbly, funny, everything plus more! – Toni-Marie Taylor-Webb

We were very grateful for Michelle’s services. Very professional, personal and kind. Chris and I were SUPER impressed with the unique ceremony Michelle delivered. Our family and friends were very touched too.  – Chelsea Rolfe

Thanks to you our ceremony was perfect, we would recommend any of friends and family members that need your service. – Travis Clark

Michelle was awesome and made our ceremony truly memorable!  Could not have asked for a better celebrant. – Laurenne Eising

Michelle was fantastic and did a wonderful job. – Amanda Irvine

Michelle was a complete professional, keep doing what you are doing Michelle. – Karen Kruisdyk

Just a great big thank you 🙂  – Kerrie Brown

She was a gem, any couple would be lucky to have her. – Dale Knott

Thank you for the professional yet very friendly service, I would definitely recommend you to anyone. 🙂 – Donna Knight

“Dear Michelle, Thank you for making Annabella & Memphis’s Naming Ceremony a wonderful experience. It was perfect and was exactly what we wanted. We will be telling all our friends about your helpful and excellent service and once again thank you for making the naming day ceremony a unique and special one.

Thank you again for everything you did for us, both on the day and leading up to it. We were certain we chose the right celebrant to do the ceremony and you proved us right! Everyone that came was very impressed and so were we.”
Many thanks  – Tammy & Scott Willmott

“Annabelle’s naming ceremony was so beautiful. You welcomed the Godparents perfectly and we all felt a real sense of bond and togetherness that day.  I will recommend you to everyone Michell é brant!” Beck Mayer

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Heidi & Adam – Maleny Manor

Heidi & Adam - Maleny Manor

Heidi arrived with horse and carriage – none of the guests knew about it – what a wonderful way to start a ceremony!


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4 Key Aspects of the “Aristocracy Wedding Dress”

By Winola Hsu

for idocelebrant.com

downton_abbey_lady_mary_wedding_dress_crop_2Lady Mary’s wedding gown has caught many females’ attention in “Downton Abbey” this series. It perfectly reflects women’s fashion of the 1920’s, especially the satin sash drawing in below the waist and sheer, long sleeves, a jeweled headband and a cathedral length veil. Actually, the trend among the aristocracy and royals has come into fashion again in last year. For example, Priscilla Cha who is Mark Zuckerberg’s wife chose the wedding dress of demure lace aligns with the Duchess of Cambridge’s long-sleeved gown. Even Kate Middleton opted for lace sleeves on her wedding dress last year. According to these wedding gowns, there are four key aspects for choosing an aristocracy wedding dress; lace, cathedral length veil, jeweled headband and reducing hipline. Just follow me to take a look at it.

Key Aspect: Lace
Lace accessories are the classical element never forgotten by wedding dress designers. Lace is used in a wedding dress to express a fine, feminine feeling. At the same time, bride will be a princess when she dresses in wedding gown layered in lace.


Key Aspect: Cathedral length veil

Long veils are a symbol of a flapper style wedding gown. Lady Mary, Princess Kate and Priscilla Cha all choose wedding dresses with extended veil. It cannot be denied that the “Juliet Cap” is one of the most popular veil styles in 1920’s. This style of veil is usually decorated with pearls or semi-precious stones, which is another key aspect of 1920’s wedding dress.

Key Aspect: Jeweled headband

Jeweled headbands play a significant role in wedding costumes. Actually the jeweled headband was very popular in 1920’s. People usually wore a wide silk “scarf like” band wrapped around the head but exposing the crown. Meanwhile, pearls, feathers, and lace frequently are also used in the design of headband.

Key Aspect: Reducing hipline

The main feature of wedding gown in 1920’s is particularly seen in the reducing of one’s hipline. Over the decade, the clothing cut became straighter. But, people still chose feminine materials to express sweet and elegant feeling, such as feathers and lace.

1920s shapeWedding dress is designed by Lanvin 

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