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Alcohol Trends for Weddings in Australia

ImageWe all know that alcohol is a fantastic way for wedding guests to ease their way into conversation during the wedding reception. A fine wine to accompany a meal and a few cold beers to get the dance floor buzzing is the Australian tradition.  Recently however there has been a trend for the Aussie bride and groom to break tradition and opt for something more original, exciting and creative.

“Cocktails galore” -Simple and fun cocktail receptions have become a new way for guests to mingle and chat during the wedding reception. Of course it doesn’t have to be all cocktails and lounge music.  A handy bartender will be able to serve up delicious cocktails and keep the traditionalists happy with some beer, wines and spirits. The non-drinkers and kids can also be kept happy with mocktails and a selection of non-alcoholic drinks.

“Creative bliss”– Ever thought of breaking tradition and welcoming guests with a magical sangria instead of a beer or a glass of wine? What about new and exciting beers or wines tastings for the connoisseur guests? Why not add straws, decorative fruits and garnishes to beverages and different sized /coloured glasses, canisters and decanters for presentation.  Finally include some candles and ribbons to drinking stations and suddenly you have yourself a wonderful alternative to the normal wedding drinks.

“Forget the alcohol” – You may scoff at the thought of not toasting the bride and groom with bubbly or sitting down to dinner without a nice cold beer however a growing number of weddings are now alcohol free. How about making the reception an opportunity to woo the guests with non-alcoholic tastings? Think non-alcoholic beers, ciders or mocktails to accompany traditional soft drinks punches and fruit drinks. Frozen fruit popsicles, jello shots and other frozen fruity creations can also be used to surprise the guests.

With some creativity and careful planning, there is no limit to the selection of new ways to enjoy a beverage on your special day!

By Eathen




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Do we need to have a wedding rehearsal?

It’s not unusual these days to have a small wedding unlike the large traditional ones, so one question you need to ask yourself before the big day is: do we need to have a wedding rehearsal? Wedding rehearsals are not for everyone; many times it is better to have them but there are many cases where they are not required.

It is recommended to have a wedding rehearsal if you have a large wedding party (or a small one but it’s not as necessary) or if children are involved in the ceremony. Keep in mind that a rehearsal may not stop any unwanted behaviour; however it will allow things to run as smooth as possible rather than how it may run without one.

The first thing address is for those key players to know where to stand (make sure they are facing everyone – no one wants to see backs!). It is ok if people are missing, just make sure to leave a space and inform them before the day. Once everyone is aware of their position, practice the processional and also the order to which they leave. Usually the bride and groom leave first, followed by any children (flower girls then ring bearers). The bridesmaids and groomsmen are the final part of the wedding party to leave (begin with the inside pair and finish with the outside pair). While you are practicing all of this, keep in mind that you don’t want anyone blocking the view of the bride and groom for their wedding photos.

Here are a few other things to keep in mind about your wedding rehearsal:

  • If you need to calm your nerves a bit before the big day, having a wedding rehearsal is always a good thing to do.
  • Never say your vows! You don’t want to spoil an intimate moment with your betrothed.
  • If you are going to have a wedding rehearsal book in advance – you need your celebrant available as well as your venue (don’t fret though, you can do a rehearsal at home too).

In short, having a wedding rehearsal isn’t a must, but if you have a large wedding party it is always better to control the amount of surprises you may have on your special day!

by Jasmine Bellinger

for idocelebrant.com

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Beach Wedding Disaster Kit

ImagePicture a clear blue sky, reflected upon the glimmer ocean with the sun setting on the horizon. You’re looking into your lover’s eyes about the say the words ‘I do’, surrounded by your closest friends and family.

Sounds like the perfect beach wedding, right? Well as much as all we girls dream of this wedding, it doesn’t always quite work out like this. Well… actually almost never works out. After looking at countless photos and videos of waves engulfing the bride and groom and the wind blowing over flower stands and propelling dresses, I have decided to put together a ‘Beach Wedding Disaster Kit’.

Now the first and foremost important thing to do would to be to have a Plan B or an undercover option for your wedding as Mother Nature isn’t always the kindest to us, even on our special day. Summer as I am sure you all know is hot, very hot! This usually leads to afternoon thunderstorms which never make a good wedding.  So keep in mind a marquee or maybe even a local surf club or hotel.

During the hot sunny days of summer an idea to keep the guests happy might be some parasols and water to fight off the sun and dehydration. As well as all this, try to keep in mind that November to April is Cyclone season in Australia so the likelihood of a windy wedding is high (we don’t want our dresses over our heads now do we?).  

With the weather being the main disaster to watch out for, the second (one that I had never even considered) is sand flies. Now these nasty little insects, also known as biting midges, can leave you and your guests incessantly scratching their arms and legs (which of course don’t look the best in your wedding photos). There are two good options to try here: a) have mosquito replant at the ready or b) ask the location manager to spray the area for sand flies.

So now that we’ve got your plan B sorted out and the sand fly disaster organized, there are a few extra things to consider about your perfect beach wedding. We all know picking the perfect dress is probably the thing we think about most but when it comes to the beach you want to make sure you have chosen something light, not too loose and breezy (you don’t want to do a Marilyn Monroe), and nothing that could show perspiration. This with an up-do hairstyle (to avoid it being blown around in a mess) as well as a nice pair of flats – don’t want you heels stuck in the sand all day – and you will have the perfect combination to stay stunning all day.


By Jasmine Bellinger

for www.idocelebrant.com

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