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Jo and Sully’s Wedding

Jo and Sully's Wedding

Jo looked amazing in her dress which she made herself!
AND I was super stoked to be a friend and guest as well as the celebrant!

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Is bigger really better?

I regularly conduct ceremonies for guests of  50… 80…  up to 150 people, and I am honoured to be a part of each event, especially since I am the only stranger invited!  However I do warn couples not to fall into the trap of believing that the number of people at your wedding is a sign of a ‘good’ wedding.

A small, simple, intimate wedding can be just as celebratory and memorable.

This was illustrated to me last week when I went to the Sunshine Coast and performed a ceremony for a very happy bride and groom. The couple have been together for 20 or more years and so had never really “gotten around” to it – they said!

Lucky for me, when they finally did decide to get around to it, they gave me a call and I visited them in their amazing home by the beach.

The guests consisted of their 2 neighbours (close friends) and their daughter.  That’s it!  Just 5 of them and 1 of me, one cake, beautiful vows – and a lot of champagne…

To make the experience even that one level higher on the “special” scale, their daughter, who lives in Sydney, came up for the event under the impression that it a was a small celebration for her father whose birthday was on that same day.  It wasn’t until a few hours before the ceremony that she was informed that her parents were to marry that night.  She was absolutely delighted!

The loving couple rearranged their lounge room to make way for a ceremony space and elegant signing table.  The colours of white and pink, coupled with the smiles and laughter of all involved combined to make the mood simply wonderful.

At the end of each ceremony, a bride and groom thank me for being there and for ‘doing a great job’ – but I really feel that it is I that should be thanking them.  I am so honoured to be invited into a home and to make a special night something they will never forget, and I am welcomed like an old friend.

What a job I have!


Michelle Anderson


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Design your own ritual

ImageThere are some lovely age old rituals that can be incorporated into a wedding ceremony that will enhance the experience and give symbolic meaning to the union of two people.  However, if your personality doesn’t match a sand ceremony, lighting of a candle, or sipping wine, it might be time to look outside the box at some unique, imaginative options.

Stacey and Darcy recently married at Dockside in Brisbane and their love of music and their lifestyle inspired them to do a very different kind of ritual.  They decided to incorporate Jager Bombs!

Yes, that is right. As a surprise to the guests, we revealed the Jager half way through the proceedings.  I poured the Jager and Red Bull together and the two shared a glass of (what I personally believe to be) the most grotesque drink of all time!

However, my opinion aside, the moment was hilarious to those who knew them and it matched their personalities perfectly. It instilled a great sense of joy to the ceremony and had everyone in stitches – especially, their celebrant, me!

So, don’t be afraid to push the boundaries and ask your celebrant to help you design something special for you.  Is it lighting incense, burning a scoll, giving thanks and bowing to photographs of relatives who couldn’t be present?

Absolutely anything goes, as proven by Stacey and Darcy recently!


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This wedding cake is the best I have ever seen! It was for Kat and Travis’ medieval wedding today…


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Sam and Darron enjoying a windswept Surprise Wedding at Bribie!


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Renewal of Vows and Wows!

ImageTomorrow I have the very great pleasure of hosting a celebration at Caloundra Beach, Queensland for a gorgeous couple who have been married happily for 20 years to the day.

They will be Renewing their Vows!  This Ceremony is not a legally binding one, nor is there any paperwork required, but I do think it’s nice to provide a Marriage Renewal Certificate for them to keep.

In this particular case , the couple have two teenagers who will play a significant role.  So significant, in fact, that they are the only two guests! Now THAT is the definition of an “intimate” occasion!

The couple will use this opportunity to not only renew their own vows, but make additional vows and promises to their kids.  They are a very close family and this celebration in a symbol of the unity they have.

Unlike the original wedding ceremony a Renewal of Vows ceremony has no legal obligation and witnesses are not required but the main purpose is for couples to reaffirm their love and ongoing commitment to each other.

Renewal of Marriage Vows can have great meaning for a couple who have faced difficulties in their relationship and who wish to recommit and reaffirm their love for one another.  It can also be a great occasion for an anniversary or even just an excuse for a party!  Renewal of vows are also popular for people who got married overseas or who perhaps had a quiet wedding in the first place.

As a Civil Marriage Celebrant, I will conduct the ceremony and am pleased to say that I believe the wording I have prepared is appropriate and emotional .  I can’t wait for tomorrow when this family affirm their love.

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