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But What to WEAR?

As a bride, you will be madly searching for the right dress, having one two or even three fittings and fretting about styles, hair and matching shoes.

But what about your guests?

They too are having a hard time deciding what the wear to your wedding.  The number of times an invitation has arrived at my place and said “smart casual”, “lounge wear” or nothing at all; countless.

What does it all mean? If they suggest “lounge suit”, can I wear what I sloth around in on the couch?  I don’t think anyone needs to see me out and abut in my free Qantas business class PJs (stolen by the way)…

What is “smart casual”?  This can end up with some girls in cocktail dresses and guys in their best shorts.  What does cocktail mean exactly – and where do you draw the line between race wear and semi-formal?

“Formal” is a rarity but it does happen too.  The girls have no issues with this, however there are still a few question marks about black tie vs. formal; but guys seem to get it wrong almost all of the time – or is that just me looking through champagne goggles at the end of the night when guys have their shirts hanging half out and their fly undone?

Either way, the last thing you need is a mismatched crowd.  Although it may not matter to you on your happiest day, brides, it will make everyone feel uneasy and self-conscious about their style of the day.

As a result I think we should break it up into 4 categories and be done with it:

1.Smart Casual – “We are having a wedding on the beach but please don’t take this literally and wear your bikini or boardies.  You can’t wear torn jeans but nice denims are ok. Shorts are a no-no.  For girls, a maxi dress is nice with perhaps a nice necklace, a sundress or casual pant suit would be cool.”

2. Lounge / Semi Formal – Guys – NO JEANS. You can wear trousers and a button up shirt. If it’s cold, wear a lounge jacket (ie. One of those jackets that sit in the back of the cupboard most of the time but you don’t wear to work in the office). The pants and jacket do not have to match material.

Girls – wear what you would to the races – BUT not the tacky general admin area, what you would don for the members stand. Just lose the hat.

3. Formal – Dudes, wear a suit with a button up shirt.  Wear a tie and then if it looks like no one else I wearing one, give it to a homeless person on the way to the reception and go neck exposed.  Hot!

Chicks; wear a great dress – one that costs more than $100 and that you just LOVE to wear.  Short or long is fine (but not too short, we don’t want your thighs to take the attention away from bride).

4. Black Tie – Guys, wear a suit, and a TIE or bow tie.  Pretty simple.  Gals, really make a statement.  Long dresses or ones that come to mid shin height are good choices but not above the knee – that’s just tacky.  This is the opportunity to use that Pashmina your granny gave you and you might have been using as a table runner up until now.

Hope that clears some things up for y’all!


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Medieval Wedding coming right up!

Medieval Wedding coming right up!.

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Medieval Wedding coming right up!


Are you looking for a fun and unique way to make your wedding stand out from the rest?

I am SO pleased to have been invited by Kat and Travis to be celebrant at their Medieval themed celebration at the Gap later next month.

An increasing number of people are arrange to have their ceremonies performed with a Renaissance theme usually on in an outdoor setting, complete with all the medieval trappings. What goes into creating a medieval wedding in the modern world? 

The Clothing I have bought my cloak and am ready to rock and roll!

As for the bride: while the modern wedding dress is very recognizable, a medieval wedding gown can be just as beautiful and offer a connection with the past, as well as intricate designs, unique embroidery and elegant style. It is not uncommon to have them of various materials and colours.

Medieval clothing for the groom differs substantially from the traditional tuxedo worn in the modern age. An incredible diversity of clothing options exist; most grooms choose to wear some form of a tunic, a doublet and/or a cloak. Leather boots or even period-correct pointed shoes are often chosen, as well. 


While it might be considered bad form to bring weapons to a modern wedding ceremony, they were often an integral part of medieval weddings. Frequently, the groom will carry a sword on his person during the ceremony and groomsmen are often armed as well.

Just to be safe, I, as the celebrant, will also be “carrying” jut in case of any disruption!

Depending on the detail involved with planning the wedding and the guests invited, those in the audience might also choose to wear a costume and bring a sword to the event. 

The medieval wedding is gaining in popularity throughout the country, as it offers a truly unique way of personalizing a wedding ceremony, though it also appeals to people’s desire for a connection to the past.


I simply cannot wait for this unique and special day – and will certainly post the pictures when I can!Image

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Your Dream Wedding on a Budget

ImageEvery bride and groom wants their wedding day to be memorable, special, heart-felt and… financially manageable.

For this reason, the weddings that once cost $60,000 are rare but the fact still stands that $30,000* is the average cost for a shin-dig to remember.

Given that this amount can sensibly pay for a deposit on a house, honeymoon or a really, really nice sports car, it is hardly surprising that the ultimate dream wedding is now planned well within a sensible price range.

Obviously some choose to put their wedding on hold until they can save enough money to splurge on this special occasion, but more often or not, the trend is to stick to getting hitched with the dollars in mind.

Now, what “budget” means for one person is not “budget” for another and there are certainly things that you should never, ever, EVER compromise price wise…. We will get to that later.

For example, instead of Vera Wang, another local designer will do just as well in the fashion stakes.  Instead of Lavish, rare and impossibly unseasonal flowers, cyclical ones will make a beautiful addition to the day without the massive price tag.

Perhaps a horse and carriage was once a dream idea, but these days, cars of all types and styles are available – just check out your local car show for someone who is more than happy to show off their engine for hardly anything at all!

While eloping is still probably the cheapest option, if you want to share your big day with family and friends then a budget wedding is the way to go.  

In saying this, a grand and glorious wedding idea does not have to be crushed – so don’t panic.  There are plenty of ways to cut the costs without compromising on the quality.

Let’s face it – you have 2 major expenses which are difficult to overcome – catering and drinking for one, and photography is the other.

Photography packages can be priced from $3,000+ however, most of the expense isn’t in the actual photography, but the time spent printing and preparing the formal wedding album.  I really admire photographers for the amount of time they spend on the day, (both before the brie arrives and during the ceremony AND the reception – but also the editing tie and touch ups afterwards.

To save money, Ged McMahon from http://www.gedmcmahon.com/ recommends purchasing a DVD of the images so that you own them all.  “A lot of photographers will suggest, very strongly, that you purchase expensive offers but let’s face it, you can make beautiful albums down the track when some more money is available,” he said.

And now for the MOST important part of your day…. Can you get married without a Venue, a Photographer, Flowers, even a Dress?  Yes of course you can.

Can you get married WITHOUT a celebrant?  Absolutely not!

This is one thing that you should not skimp on. How many horror stories have you heard about celebrants!?!?  I have heard of ones wearing outrageous hats, speaking incoherently, showing up late, incorrect paperwork  – the list goes on.

Your personalities should match with your celebrants 100%.  If you believe in a wicker handfasting, choose someone who can do that… if you want to abseil down a cliff while yelling “I do”, choose someone who will happily jump down there with you…

My point is this:  after the food is gone and the drinks are drunk, and the flowers fade and the dress is hung up in the wardrobe…. What is it that you will remember most?  The vows you took and the person who made it happen for you.

For the ultimate budget wedding check out our other handy tips:


  • Call in favours from friends!
  • Do the invitations yourself.
  • Choose seasonal flowers.
  • Pick a venue which allows BYO alcohol.
  • Consider having a cocktail party instead a sit-down dinner.
  • Do your own hair & makeup.
  • Use an iPod for music rather than hiring a DJ or band. 


AND never ever skimp on your celebrant!


*Figure from www.i-do.com.au


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