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Getting Married at Home

Many people are choosing to get married at home. I absolutely love the concept; it is cheap, personal, convenient and most of all it has an honest truth about it. Why not marry in the home where you live, love and laugh!

As well as the obvious financial benefits of a home wedding, there is also the benefit of have a relaxed atmosphere.

Schedules are not as strict and when guests arrive, a glass of champagne and some background music can mean that everyone feels at ease before the proceedings. Disasters seem smaller at home and mistakes can be easily fixed, while a grand ballroom may not allow for an emergency dash to the sewing cupboard or the fridge for baking soda to fix that red wine stain.

One couple I will be marrying in August will have their ceremony on their property at Tallebudgera Valley. The bride will arrive on a tractor, the guests will stand by a gorgeous tree and their vows will be made right there where their family gathers regularly.

With a great caterer and some service staff, a truck load of champagne and a cleaner booked for the next day, your wedding is bound to be a success.

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Young Celebrants Revamp a Shonky Industry (Media Release)

ImageCelebrants have a sloppy reputation but a new generation of wedding professionals are forging their way to revamp the whole industry.


In last week’s Sunday Mail, Caroline Jackson from the Alliance of Celebrants Queensland said that the average celebrant does 5 weddings per year.


“That hasn’t been that case for me! Since February, I have booked in 20 weddings for the rest of the year and the enquiries keep coming in thick and fast,” said Michelle Anderson, Marriage Celebrant.


The average age of a Celebrant is 67.  At age 34 Michelle is younger than most Celebrants and in her short time since registering, has already gained a reputation for being professional and vibrant. 


“In fact I receive so many enquiries that I have now teamed with other young celebrants like Elisha Salkeld (age 32) and the Brisbane City Celebrants (age 36) and we refer to each other.  Our weekends book up really quickly.  Each of us can expect to do about 30 to 40 weddings this year,” Michelle said.


Ciara from Brisbane City Celebrants said, “We know how to dress appropriately, and understand what couples really want their ceremony to be and can really deliver on that. Best of all younger Celebrants can make ceremonies modern, fun and enjoyable!”


Although there are over 10,000 celebrants in Australia, the majority of them do not have a website or any online presence.


“Social media and online advertising is very successful.  Twitter and facebook has connected us to a wide audience of young couples who want a ceremony that is fun, not stuffy and boring.  We can connect regularly which is reassuring for brides and grooms,” Ciara said.


In the majority, Celebrants do their profession as a “weekend hobby career” but most younger Celebrants also have professional Monday-Friday careers which compliments their ability to provide a professional service. 


 “It seems everyone has a Celebrant horror story. Some wear inappropriate clothes and crazy hats, some mumble or say the wrong names.  We younger Celebrants are quickly improving the standard and our efforts are being rewarded with a large number of couples preferring our modern, fun style,” Michelle said.



Interviews and photos available.  Call Michelle Anderson 0400 207 913 or email michelle@idocelebrant.com.



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