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Music Means Magic


Many couples ask me my opinion regarding the sound element at their ceremony.


There are several parts of the ceremony to consider, but overall, the answer is that a couple should choose music that a) they like and b) reflects the tone of the ceremony.


For example, if you are going for a modern, funky wedding, go for tunes that are upbeat and recent.  Anything goes from Kylie to your Calvin Harris.


If you have a traditional wedding in mind, a classical playlist will suit best with the tunes we all know and love form long ago.

But remember this – there are several parts to your ceremony and each are enhanced by music:


  1. Before the bride arrives, when your guests are mingling and finding their seat.
  2. The procession
  3. The signing of the register – remember this goes for about 5 minutes so I am a big fan of a song or reading here.
  4. After the ceremony as your guests congratulate you.


Of course you can have live musicians play such as string quartets (some do covers of popular songs which I am a fan of) or simply plug into your celebrants PA system.


Mine has an ipod dock so you can just hand me the device and hit play on your wedding playlist!

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Hanging decorations add colour and pizzazz

ImageFlowers play a huge part in any ceremony.  The bride will hold her beautiful bouquet, the bridesmaids will hold their own.  The groomsmen will have their corsage pinned securely to their honest chests not to mention the decorations.


One wedding I saw recently included an amazing display of hanging flowers.  If you are planning to be married under a large tree or an arch, the hanging flowers can really make the place look magical.


From long strings of flowers falling from the sky, to birdcages and paper lanterns;  these decorations can make a huge impact on an otherwise blank canvas.


The bride and groom are the centrepieces in a ceremony for sure!  But when thinking about your ceremony, remember that your guests will arrive long before the bride and some visual impact as well as some music and laughter will heighten their senses and make for an even more enjoyable day.

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