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Proposing on 29th February


So, you have been together for AGES and you are not the type of girl who waits around forever. In that case, February 29th is the day for you to take the reins and propose to your man.

Women have done so on this special date for centuries.  Could 2012 be your turn?

If you know what you want, go get it, I say!

Here are some tips that you might like to consider.

Know him well and anticipate his response.  Will he be flawed, awed, dumbstruck, teary?  Have a few different scenarios play out in your head beforehand as it could be any of the above.

If your man likes the lime li

ght, perhaps the old sky writing, neon lights or big screen at the football is the way to go.

Choose a location that means something to you both.  A restaurant, a beach, even his favourite sporting event.  You want to be somewhere you feel comfort.

Make sure it is just the 2 of you.  If his mates are over, it probably won’t be as romantic as you had hoped.

Keep your plans flexible and if he comes home exhausted and just wants to watch TV instead of eating that gorgeous picnic you had planned, that’s ok, work with it!  A proposal in the lounge room is still a proposal!

You might want to give him a gift.  Of course a ring is nice, and sets the scene but you could always spend that money on something he really wants. Like a Jetski.

Once the question is out in the open, give him time to think.  Although he knows you are a modern woman, this might not be what he expected so put on that winning smile even if the butterflies in your stomach make you want to hurl!

Go forth and conquer, sweet lady.  The prize is yours for the taking.





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Sunday; the day of rest?


Ah!  The Sunday “Seshion”.  There is nothing quite like it.  A great opportunity to catch up with friends; to download stories from the weekend just been – so, who did you meet?  What did he say? Was he totally hot?  OMG Is that him?

And, if the weekend hasn’t been too nice to you and you didn’t catch that fish, it is an opportunity to throw the line in again.  Let’s face it; the people around you are in the same situation aren’t they?

Looking around, in one corner are the “die-hards” who are still kicking on and you may even remember them from Friday night, but you would never go there!  Sunglasses, nervous twitches and sideways glances – there is a slim chance that they have showered, and can let alone speak by this stage.

There are the “workers”. The gentlemen who had something better to do on the previous evenings (possibly in a box at the football?) and have Sunday afternoon up their sleeves to have a few cold beers (and check you out!).

And then, dotted around the place, you will see a look of quiet desperation from many.  “She never called back”, “why didn’t he text me”, “was I really that drunk?”

These are the people who deserve the drink that is in their hand.  The people who went in to battle that weekend with a brave face; who tried and tried again and all of a sudden, Monday morning is looming in the foreground and they are no better off than that previous Thursday little lunch.

On a Sunday, I am one of these single women, sometimes in category b or c (occasionally a).  Bring me a beer, a wine or anything fizzy and Sunday is the day I love most.

But come Monday, my day job sees the complete opposite.  There are no try hards in my Monday to Friday.  No arseholes, no lonely faces and no tears of regret.  During the week, it is my job to celebrate love, togetherness, one-ness and warmth.

Allow me to introduce myself, I am Michell é brant; one of Australia’s youngest Celebrants.  Ironically I am also the only single Celebrant in the WORLD (I have no proof of this but I’m pretty sure it’s the case). 

I will save my stories of rejection for future blogs, but for now, rest assured that if is Sunday and you can’t wait to frock up one last time this weekend, the man you could meet tonight may be the reason we eventually meet in person. I may be a single Celebrant, but I know love when I see it and a lot of the time it starts with a “Hi, can I buy you a drink” on a Sunday afternoon.

Now go break a leg!





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Getting Married on 12/12/12 at 12.

ImageYesterday I met with a gorgeous couple who will be married on the 12th December 2012 at precisely 12 o’clock.

Just as the 11th November 2011 was a popular wedding date, so too is the 12th December this year. Hundreds of couples will be eager to share this as their anniversary date.

Now, the world is supposedly going to end on 12/12/12 or is it 21/12/12 – I am not quite sure, I’d better find out which one and set an alarm.

Is it possible that global war will break loose? Will there be a nuclear holocost? Will the planet’s most resilient insect, the cockroach, put plans in place to eat all the food?  Will rockabilly and country music rule the world…?

All these questions and so many more.

Numerologists and Astrologers around the globe have their own theories about the meaning of the date and what we can expect.

All have interesting points to raise but I couldn’ go past this amazing concept by Psychic Jean-Claude Koven, “It is no mere coincidence that so many disparate cultures all around the world who have had no known contact with one another should focus on the same date. There is increasing evidence that the time leading up to 12/12/12 does mark the presence of an energy portal that has never before been accessible to the human race.”

I am very enthusiastic about the energy portal. I wonder if I will finally be able to meet Pac Man in person… hmmm.

Jean-Claude then goes on to explain how Harry Potter is a relevant and important human in history.  Sigh.

Some may say that the world will end in 2012 – but I know for sure that the world will become bright and new for one happy couple at least – Leanne and Earl.

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